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  • Super
    Typhoon Haiyan

    locally known as Yolanda
    8 NOV 2013


    12.9 million
    people affected


    gusts up to
    235 mph
    category 5


    4 million


    1 million+
    houses damaged
    47% destroyed

  • Our initial focus is on empowering two of the 7107 islands in the Philippines: Tacloban and Bantayan.


    Tacloban is a highly urbanized city. Much of it’s land sits below sea level. It is bound on the east and south by water leading to Leyte Gulf and the Pacific Ocean and to the north and the west, by mountains. When the 15 foot (5M) storm surge came, there was no place for the people to go. They were trapped. Many got stuck in their houses where they drowned.

    After the storm, those who survived struggled for days without food, shelter or clean drinking water. By the roadside, scores of corpses were piled high. The stench of rotting flesh filled the air.

    Tacloban went through the most severe trauma of all the islands. The death toll alone was over 7000. The trauma these people experienced is unfathomable. Our initial focus to bring emotional release and empowerment will begin here.

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  • Bantayan island is very isolated and over 92% of the island was destroyed by winds, rain and flooding.

    All three towns on the Island – Sta Fe, Madridejos and Bantayan – were without power and communication lines went down. They were completely cut off after Yolanda struck.

    The main high school on the island, Santa Fe High School, was mostly destroyed. Hundreds of families lost their homes.

    Regrettably, because it was so cut off and because the death toll on human life was so minimal, this island has been underserved in rebuilding empowerment.

    Our primary rebuilding efforts will be focused on Bantayan island. We will dedicate 66% or more of the funding raised to building storm-proof class rooms and houses.

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  • Many people are still traumatized

    People still live in fear

    When the wind picks up
    or it starts to rain
    they re-live the fury of the storm

  • Since Haiyan struck, the children remain traumatized. Whenever the winds begin to blow or the rain starts to fall, the feelings they experienced during the storm return.

    For them, it is as if it is going to happen all over again.

    For some, just the word “Yolanda” can trigger them to relive the fear, sadness, helplessness and terror of the storm. It is not surprising that they suffer nightmares and flashbacks.

    No child should have to see or experience the horrors of that day.

    With EFT, we can help them move on emotionally, we can assist them in restoring their sense of safety, we can help them heal the pain and sadness in their hearts so they can focus on creating a positive future.

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  • EFT

    Emotional Freedom Technique

    A combination of gentle tapping that combines modern psychology with ancient Chinese medicine to rapidly release negative emotions

  • Short EFT Introduction

    EFT has been successfully used with war veterans to overcome PTSD.

    I have personally used it to overcome my social anxiety disorder, and I’ve helped hundreds of people overcome emotional trauma.

    It’s a psychological form of acupuncture, but instead of using needles, you tap on certain acupressure points while focusing on a traumatic memory or painful emotion.

    The tapping processes the emotion, and you experience relief. In a short time, you end up feeling calm and at peace.

    EFT has been scientifically proven to get results, was featured in popular media like Dr. Oz show, Larry King, Psychology Today, Huffington Post, and it’s now being used by an estimated 10 million people worldwide.

    Studies have shown that EFT reduces the production of the stress hormone cortisol and increases production of serotonin and other neurochemicals. These biochemical responses help regulate the autonomic nervous system and create a sense of calm.

    Click here for the latest research.

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  • EFT Group Sessions

    Because EFT is so quick and easy to teach and learn (the basics can be grasped in just 5 minutes), I was able to use it successfully at the Santa Fe High School in Tacloban. Working together with around 200 students in 5 classrooms, much of the trauma of the storm was released.

    Some students volunteered to share their experiences. As you can see, in a short period of time, in a familiar atmosphere with their peers, many were able to get relief from the deeply held traumas of the storm.

    For more info on EFT and general tapping techniques, click here.

    To successfully apply EFT to overcome social anxiety disorder (my specialty), click here.

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  • Heal & Empower
    the Philippines


    Emotional Empowerment

    - Release 10,000 traumas
    - Train 100 psychologists in EFT


    Safety Empowerment

    - Build 200 sustainable houses
    - Build 3 storm-proof classrooms + 1 library

    PART ONE: Release 10,000 or more traumas

    Between April 21st and May 12th a team of 10 EFT specialists, working in the worst hit areas in and around Tacloban, will release the traumas of 10,000 or more children.

    The ten specialists will be organized into five teams. Each day, each team of two will work with two groups of up to 50 children. Specialists will also be available for individual EFT sessions as necessary.

    The vice-mayor of Tacloban, Mr. Jerry Yaokasin, will help choose the children who most need our help. Miss Malindog, Local NGO expert, has volunteered to plan and organize community areas in the villages for our group sessions.

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    PART TWO: Train 100 psychologists in EFT

    As soon as we have selected the psychologists, we will be begin the two day training in the basics of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). There will be four classes of 25 students each. The Mayor has offered his office in Municipal Hall for the training.

    In addition to this initial in-person training, at no charge, we will provide on-going basic EFT training online.

    Each psychologist we train will commit to releasing the traumas of 50 or more people during the first 60 days after training and will create written, or filmed testimonials that the trauma has been released.

    Out of the 100 psychologists we train, we will select three for an additional 8 day advanced training. These three will make a commitment to release 1000 or more traumas and train 100 or more Filipinos.

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    PART ONE: Build sustainable houses

    Young Pioneer Disaster Response are an international Volunteer team. They arrived on Bantayan Island – one of the worst hit islands – the first week of December and have already built approximately 50 sustainable houses.

    To insure the safety and security of the people hardest hit, thirty-three percent of all the funds raised or $50,000 (whichever is greater) will go towards building houses. At an average cost of $250/house, our goal will provide secure and safe shelter for 200 or more families.

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    PART TWO: Build storm proof schools

    Volunteer in Cebu, a local volunteer group arrived the first weekend after the storm. They are working with engineers and construction teams to create storm proof classrooms and a library.

    At an approximate cost of $10,000/classroom, at least one third of the funds raised or $50,000 will create 3 storm proof classrooms and 1 library at Santa Fe High School. The more we exceed our $150,000 goal, the more classrooms we can provide.

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  • Sebastiaan
    Van Der Schrier

    a personal coach specialized in helping people overcome social anxiety using EFT tapping

  • Founder:

    Sebastiaan van der Schrier, an international coach and EFT tapping expert, lived in the Philippines for nearly three years, from 2008-2010. After Yolanda hit he founded www.empoweringthephilippines.com and has since brought the team of experts together.

    He has personally overcome a severe social anxiety disorder thanks to EFT, and has assisted many people in overcoming social anxiety disorder as an EFT coach.

    He’s the creator of the Social Confidence System (an online EFT based DIY program to overcome social anxiety) and the founder of www.social-anxiety-solutions.com.

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  • Partner #1: “The Tapping Solution Foundation”

    Lori Leyden, PhD, MBA, teaches and facilitates healing work. With over thirty years experience, she is a uniquely qualified psychotherapist, author, workshop leader, inspirational speaker and business consultant.

    Lori holds a doctorate in Health and Human Services with a concentration in psychoneuroimmunology, and a masters degree in Business Administration with a concentration in management.

    Lori has led similar missions to “Empowering the Philippines” before. In 2007 Dr. Leyden has worked with the survivors of the genocide in Rwanda, helping them overcome their emotional trauma using EFT.

    Dr. Leyden is the founder of www.CreateGlobalHealing.org and www.ProjectLightRwanda.com

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  • Nick Ortner – EFT Tapping Expert and a Co-founder of “The Tapping Solution for Newtown: Stress and Trauma Relief Project”

    Nicolas Ortner is the CEO of “The Tapping Solution,” and Creator and Executive Producer of the breakthrough documentary, “The Tapping Solution,” which explores EFT or “tapping”, a healing tool based on ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology.

    Nick is the author of the New York Times best-seller “The Tapping Solution” and he has been featured in international media such as the Dr. Oz show, the Huffington post, and more.

    Nick has also produced the “Tapping World Summit”, a free worldwide online event currently heading into its fifth year, which has been attended by over 500,000 people.

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  • Partner #2 : Young Pioneer Disaster Response

    Young Pioneer Disaster Response (YPDR) is a rapidly deployable team of qualified relief personnel supported by a team of international volunteers.

    YPDR was founded in November 2013 in response to Typhoon Yolanda’s devastation of the Philippines by Americans Christopher White and Joseph Ferris.

    White and Ferris were based in China guiding expeditions to remote locations when Typhoon Yolanda struck. As long time visitors of the Philippines they felt compelled to utilize their skills in disaster response, construction management and logistics to bring aid to the country.

    YPDR has been building 50 sustainable houses as of January 2014, and with the funding raised will build 200 houses or more.

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  • Partner #3: Volunteer in Cebu

    Volunteer in Cebu is a group of local Volunteers with a large network of local and international connections that bring relief and empowerment where it is needed most.

    Led by lawyer Kim A. Castro, and Miss Jill Enriquez, Volunteer in Cebu was founded in October 2013 when the most powerful earthquake since 23 years hit Bohol island.

    After Typhoon Yolanda struck, Volunteer in Cebu gathered funds from friends and family, national and international, and has been bringing relief and empowerment since the first weekend after the storm. And to date, these volunteers have raised funds, bought supplies, repacked, transported, and distributed relief packs for 1,000+ families, school packets for 4,000+ students, teachers packets for 100+ teachers, shelter materials for 500+ families, solar powered lights for 120+ families among other projects..

    They have assembled a team of expert engineers and will use the funding to build 3 storm proof classrooms and a library for Santa Fe high school, Bantayan.

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We’re bringing emotional relief with EFT, and we’re bringing safety and security by building storm proof schools and sustainable houses

Here is a journal of how this Mission, Empowering the Philippines, came to be and our progress to date...

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